Villa St-Tropez

Kouzelné svatby zažijete jen u nás!
Navštivte naší bylinkovou zahradu!
Přeneste se v prostoru a čase do středomořského Saint Tropéz! 
Užijte si u nás klidné a stylové posezení na venkovní zahradě!
Užijte si u nás klidné a stylové posezení na venkovní zahradě!



Transport yourself in space and time 970 km in a southwesterly direction to Mediterranean Saint-Tropez! Walk along the wooden jetty to find yourself in the herb garden. Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and release yourself from the stresses of everyday life.

This is the atmosphere which awaits you in newly opened Villa St Tropez, located in a quiet residential neighbourhood of Prague 6 with views over Hvězda summer palace. It includes a large garden restaurant on an area of almost 1000m2 together with a bar and internal fenced car park for the restaurant with a capacity of 15 cars.

Grand restaurant offers you international cuisine, with particular focus on France and the Mediterranean, although you can enjoy Czech meals here too. We also have a wide selection of wines from all over the world, but again with particular focus on French wines.

Searching for sensations and flavours, which is the motto of Villa St Tropez: QUAESTIO SENSUS ET APPETITUS

Because we realise that the sensation of flavours for every meal is significantly enhanced by the selection of a suitable wine, we also specialise in offering wine specifically chosen for a particular meal, carefully chosen by our sommeliers.

There is also a special lunch menu for those who want to take a break, at least for a short time, from work duties and relax in the shade of our trees or in one of the picturesque corners of our large garden restaurant. The garden restaurant is suitable for classic or business lunches. In addition to meals of excellent quality, we also have fresh juices and other home-made drinks for you which will replenish your energy for the remainder of your working day. And if the weather isn’t up to it, you can relish the view of the relaxing greenery in our garden from the restaurant interior, which will enchant you with the atmosphere and tranquillity of southern France.

You can also holding training courses or conferences in our separate lounge, which is fully equipped for such events.